PAÆAN: THE ANCIENT WORLD came the dwarves and the goliaths, from deep in the bones of the world, made by the Great Maker to shape the stone. Next he called forth the eladrin and elves and gnomes from the Summerlands, the place of they fey creatures, and set them in the forests and primal places, encouraging them to tend the natural world, and start the roots of civilization. Then, from his great creations the dragons, he crafted the dragonborn, and set them in the dry places, to test their mettle and make them great defenders in His name. And finally he made the halflings and the humans, scattering them about, so that their passion would flame the other races to action. struggled to eke out an existence. The Great Maker looked down upon the world, and shed a tear for his struggling children. Before he left the world to it’s own fate, he called forth from other places the Gods, so that they would inspire and support his creations. hidden places of the world, the primal powers of nature and existence angered. Where once they were worshiped out of fear from the races, now they were protected by the gods. Bereft of most of their worship, and the power it conveyed to them, they twisted and turned, becoming the Twilight Powers. Only four of them, the primal powers of four elements themselves, would stand straight, and approach the gods, seeking to help all the races of the world excel. into the Abyss, wherein their forms twisted to match their hearts. The Demon Lords were made. And they whispered honeyed words of vengeance to the outcast, the shunned and the hated of the human civilizations, offering revenge to the bitterness in their hearts. Many answered, and left the shining cities, traveling to a dark place in what would become Althuland, amongst the remote peaks. Many died, but then, the Twilight Powers wanted only the best for their plans. like a beacon in the night. Wonders of magic and crafting came to be, and life was good for the races of the world. And during this time, the Twilight Powers twisted the humans that answered their call. Making dark pacts with them to give them power, the humans forms were changed during this age, becoming the first tieflings. They built great cities among the rugged peaks and deep valleys of Althuland. And, with their demonic masters, they plotted. all; Unrell, the darkest and deepest, that dug into the roots of the mountain peak on which it grew; and Luritar, the westernmost that bordered the kingdom of Pallagius. In secrecy they developed great magics and horrid engines of destruction, many of which were made from the necromantic magic taught them by the Twilight Powers. They stewed and festered and prepared. primal creatures that still remained savage. Vast armies took the field. Goblinkind, orcs, the mighty minotaurs and giants marched with the tieflings. And the Twilight Powers brought the battle to the races of the gods. saw the destruction that rained down on their beloved world. For, while they had not made the world or it’s races, they had come to love it and them as children of their own. With great sadness, they created the plane of Cynosure, a great plain separated from the world by the Astral Sea. And their they drew the Twilight Powers. Deific power battled Primal power, and the heavens themselves shook with the rage of the battle. marvels of the age were brought to battle, and the world was changed by it. A great tiefling device was detonated on the southern most tip of Baxashi, and so powerful was it, it cut the Titan Channel through the southern continent, destroying anything in it’s path, and leaving all it touched barren of life. To this day, nothing will grow in the channel from the earth itself. dangerous effects, and drew down the Shadowfell, merging the two lands for a moment, and forever altering Ouliandria into a place of constant shadow and cold, a dark land. The Great Dragon rose from it’s resting place in the Vast, and took a great toll on the forces of Althuland, but was not long after killed by their combined magics, and the impact of it’s fall created the Sea of the Fallen Dragon. world, and they realized that even if the Twilight Powers won, there would be no paradise they were promised, only absolute destruction wrought by powers twisted by their hatred. With this knowledge they quit the field. The Twilight Powers in Cynosure, suddenly bereft of a third of their worshipers, found themselves at the mercy of the gods. They had taken their toll, and slain a handful of the deities there, but with the knowledge that their power was diminished, they too quit the field, retreating to the deep dark places in the world. had happened. The great civilizations that once held miracles and marvels had been brought low. Wonders were lost during this great war, and the world itself had been changed. Many of the places that once were known were now changed, as the great magics had merged the lands with other planes and existences. Yet again, the races found themselves struggling to tame their lands. With the help of the gods, they would do so again. hidden in Althuland. And deep down in the Abyss, the Twilight Powers, the Demon Lords, fume and scheme. Out and out war did not work, so now they wage a shadow war against the gods and their children.

This is the world of Paæan.